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How much does the EU spend in your country and on what t
Who pays the most into the EU – and who gets the most back?
General government expenditure on education, 2015. The source dataset can be found here. 1400 euros spent on average per EU inhabitant
Now, to clarify, these are percentages. In an absolute sense, the United States spends more per household on food consumed at home ($2,390 per year) than, ...
Note that the map above is based on data for food consumed at home — the USDA doesn't offer international comparisons for eating out, unfortunately.
Euro area countries (click to ...
Recognising that geopolitical competition is likely to intensify during the next decade, EU states need to continue to invest in the diplomatic capacity ...
Breaking down the EU budget
... your country spend their money 💶on - an updated interactive infographic from Eurostat #ESTATSpotlight… https://t .co/SJ2vDVBnaM"
... her position to “we, as Europeans, have to take our fate more into our own hands” and raised the issue of “where must we be able to intervene alone”.[3]
Cyber is the area in which, according to ECFR research, EU countries feel most vulnerable. This is followed by external meddling in their domestic politics ...
See our country-by-country comparison of government spending in the EU. Check out your country ➡…"
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Source: Bertelsmann Stiftung and European Commission (2016). Many citizens consider that globalisation directly threatens their identities and traditions to ...
Joining the EU gave many less developed European nations a leg up economically.
The U.S. isn't alone in its regression. European lawmakers are balking at far-reaching measures to tackle climate change. Australian climate policy is in ...
EESC - European Economic and Social Committee on Twitter: "How much does your country spend on #education? New figures released by #Eurostat Check #EUfacts ...
What every European country is the worst at
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Delivering a European response to the test of our generation
EU budget: how much does each country pay and where does it get spent? | News |
The EU exodus: When doctors and nurses follow the money. Not every country can ...
Biggest net contributors, in billions, 2008-17
European countries by share of total Europe's Nominal GDP
Daily crossings from Turkey to Greece
This Chart Shows How Much Americans Pay in Taxes vs. the Rest of the World
What Can the U.S. Learn From How Other Countries Handle Immigration? - The New York Times
Debt versus deficit[edit]
China's trash ban forces Europe to confront its waste problem
EU to migrants: Go home and stay home
Europe struggles to attract China's fast-changing tourists
How Brexit will affect Germany's role in the EU
Cost Per Like by Country:
LONDON — There was no lack of doomsday rhetoric before Britain's referendum on E.U. membership. European Council President Donald Tusk warned that Britain ...
Where Brexit will hurt most in Europe
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how to travel with no money - roaming fees European ...
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Brexit and EU signs
Percentage of immigrant (foreign-born) population
... countries that our not blaming them 4 UK economic failures & decades of poor politics Why should they pay tax & spend time & money when they didn't even ...
... country do esn't mean you have the right to live in it. If you spend most of your time in the U.S., you may be able to rely on the Schengen Agreement ...
Thirteen billion euros of that would be dedicated to the European Defence Fund over the next seven years, but no one knows if that will be enough to ...
Just Five of 28 NATO Members Meet Defense Spending Goal, Report Says
Why All EU Countries Don't Use the Euro
Europe Packing List — The Ultimate Packing Guide for Visiting Europe
How to Become a European Citizen
When measured in terms of nominal GDP, the share of world output made up by current EU 28 members has also fallen. The share accounted for by EU countries ...
Brexit News for Expatriates
Digital publication: SDG´s and me
Teagasc infographic on farm incomes
...the eu pumped about 10 billion into them thats more than in greece .
Go back to the list of member states. What does the country ...
Tom Moylan on Twitter: "🇮🇪 Why do Irish people support the euro? 🗺 Lower costs for business 📦 More trade 🔮 Stable spending power 💶 No exchanging ...
MEPs expenses do not face the same level of scrutiny as MPs
Lisbon, Portugal skyline at Alfama, the oldest district of the city.
Europe is going grey: can EU countries work together to care for their elderly?
Map of spending by percentage of GDP in Europe
Their country is smaller than Texas, so what's wrong with that? Well, it's always a good idea to flog the French whenever you get the chance.
World military spending 1988–2017. Data and graphic: SIPRI
Which European countries offer the most social benefits to migrants?
Brexit Facts4EU.Org
British people are set to lose the many advantages of being an EU citizen
MFF commitments external action
best places to spend Christmas
How Much Does it Cost to Study in Europe? main image
NewsHour: Are there particular areas of care where the U.S. spends more? What are some successful models other countries are employing to keep costs down in ...
European Union (EU) vs Russia 2017 - Who Would Win - Army / Military Comparison
Figure 1: EU Member States' innovation performance in 2015
EU Migration to and from the UK - Migration Observatory - The Migration Observatory
EU Reform: Does Everything Have to Change for Things to Remain the Same? - Carnegie Europe - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
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Travellers at Heathrow Airport can now take advantage of a new VIP service to speed up
Charitable giving by country: who is the most generous? Full data | Global development |
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Popular product categories in Europe 2014
A demonstrator holds a banner in front of the parliament building in Skopje on June 13
'As far-right politicians reach positions of power, their influence is coming to. '
Travel after Brexit: With only 200 days until UK leaves EU, here's what we do and don't know | The Independent
Here's how different countries ...
Commission refers 6 countries to EU court over foul air
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