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Paul Petrovich Keres Estonian Grandmaster perhaps the
Paul Petrovich Keres - Estonian Grandmaster - perhaps the strongest player who didn´t have the opportunity to play for the world championship
Paul Keres
Valitud Partiid 1931-1958: Keres, Paul Petrovich (1916-1975) ...
For decades he was among the world's elite and he was also an excellent commentator and renowned theoretician. Vlastimil Hort remembers his encounters with ...
Paul Keres
Triumphs abroad meant that every time Keres returned home, he received a hero's welcome | photo: H. Soosaar, Estonian National Archives
Paul Keres III: AVRO 1938 - Rightful challenger
Machgielis Euwe 1901 1981 Also Called Max Dutch Chess Grandmaster Mathematician And Author Fifth Player To
Robert James "Bobby" Fischer - Chess Prodigy, American chess champion, Grandmaster, World Champion for 10 years
Paul Keres in Amsterdam (1971)
After winning AVRO 1938 (on tiebreak over Fine), Keres became a national superstar. Here he is with the Estonian head of government.
Bent larsen Danish chess grandmaster and author
... of the great Paul Keres giving a simultaneous in Toronto shortly before his death was published. It was asked if anyone could recognize the other faces…
Spassky, Keres, Olafsson
... Valitud Partiid 1931-1958: Keres, Paul Petrovich (1916-1975) ...
Max Euwe
Keres giving a simultaneous exhibition in Tallinn, 1940 | photo: ESM F 834:1/D1089, Eesti Spordi- ja Olümpiamuuseum SA (Estonian Sports Museum)
Estonian national team at the Buenos Aires Olympiad of 1939. From left: Schmidt, Friedemann, Keres, Raud and Türn. ESM F 354:16/B5093, Eesti Spordi- ja ...
... Valitud Partiid 1931-1958: Keres, Paul Petrovich (1916-1975)
He calmly wrote down the moves in elegant handwriting and long notation. When I was in time-trouble he remained a gentleman and did not hammer the clock ...
Every year a tournament in Paul Keres' honour is held in Tallin, Estonia
Keres at a reception with Estonian President Konstantin Päts | photo: A. Kalm, Estonian National Archives
Vlad Dobrich back in the 1970's is one of Toronto's most active chess promotors
„A star is born“. In 1940 Stalin annexed the Baltic countries and the Estonian Paul Keres became the Soviet citizen Paul Petrovic Keres.
The Estonian team in Buenos Aires 1939
Knowing what we know now it's impossible to see how Keres travelled during the tournament and not think of the war that was to come | photo: ESM F 203:467/B ...
Keres and I formed a strong double. He had an excellent serve. We were complementing each other excellently and lots of enthusiastic spectators followed us.
Agente K
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Keres, European Team Championship 1961
Practical Chess Endings: Keres, Paul
bagpiper, Muhu Island, Estonia
Grandmaster Gata Kamsky was two-time defending U.S. Champion at the time of 2015 US
Estonian Chess Championship
François André Philidor (1726/1795) Paul Morphy, Chess Quotes, Garry Kasparov
Estonian Grandmaster Kaido Kulaots. We play on the same team in the French Team Championship (Gif sur Yvette). Thanks to him I was inspired to write about ...
Paul Keres on the Estonian 5 Krooni banknote
Paul Keres
Why yes, I *did* wipe the floor with Naka. Let's all read
Power Chess: Great Grandmaster Battles from Russia: Keres, Paul
ANATOLY YEVGENYEVICH KARPOV... chess grandmaster and the 12th chess world champion. Anatoly
Paul Keres has his image on the national currency in Estonia! The only chess player anywhere in the world to have been so honoured in his own country!
Are you the best chess player in your city? Millionaire Chess offers you the best
Chess Master Games: Paul Morphy Plays The Duke of Brunswick At The Opera
Peter Leko is a Hungarian chess grandmaster. He became the world's youngest grandmaster in 1994
Magnus Carlsen, 22 yo, is a Norwegian chess Grandmaster and chess prodigy who is
The 12 Most Interesting Chess Players Ever
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At the Paul Keres Chess House; a life-like wax image of Keres!
Cute top - also Women's World Chess Grandmaster
Chess Grandmaster Robert James Fischer, called Bobby Fisher was world chess champion 1972 and died 2008 at the age of 64 in Iceland.
... Paul Keres in Estonia. Even the house where he was born is a national monument!
World Chess Champion Wilhelm Steinitz is Austrian by nationality. He was .an.
Iranian Chess Grandmaster Dorsa Derakhshani switched to the US team after being banned from her own national team for refusing to wear hijab.
Why is it that old Chess Grandmasters had such rocking names?
actual chess: Hikaru Nakamura
The Crown Prince of Chess
Max Euwe 1935–1937 Netherlands #AllThingsChess
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Jan Timman (born 14 December 1951) is a Dutch chess Grandmaster who was one
Zsuzsa Polgar (now Susan Polgar) at the age of 4: Beating seasoned players
Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk has won the 2016 Russian Classical Women's Chess Championship, ahead of Pogonina and Bodnaruk.
Ju Wenjun is a Chinese chess player, who holds the FIDE title of Grandmaster (GM). She is currently second-highest rated female player and will play for the ...
21 July
No Maxime Vachier-Lagrave - 2803
At the age of Magnus became the youngest ever chess player to be ranked World Number One. Since July he has been the highest rated chess player in ...
Alexander Kotov
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The Meopham Air Disaster - July 1930
One of the Most Amazing Feats in Chess History Just Happened, and No One Noticed
USSR stamp devoted to Keres, 1991 (Michel 6163, Scott 5964)
Robert James "Bobby" Fischer (March 1943 – January was an American chess prodigy, grandmaster, and the eleventh World Chess Champion. Many consider him the ...
Mikhail Botvinnik
viktor korchnoi, chess grand master and legend.
Feb 10, 1996: Kasparov loses chess game to computer Chess Magazine, Chess Moves
Chess Grand Masters.
Veselin Topalov is a world chess grandmaster who became the FIDE World Chess Champion by winning
1969; Susan Pol Polgár gar is a Hungarian chess Grandmaster
Alexander Bronstein
2006 Photo of Chess Grandmaster Anatoly Karpov
Congrats all around for the new world chess champion - 1972. Garry Kasparov, Chess
Keres (left) plays Tal in an Estonia-Latvia match in Tallinn in spring of 1959
Elise Jacobsen (Norway) Kings Game, Chess Pieces, Poker, How To Play
Soviet participants in the Candidates Tournament From left to right: Tigran Petrosian, Alexander Kotov, Paul Keres, Yuri Averbakh and Efim Geller.
Bobby Fischer- I don't believe in psychology, I believe in good moves
Efim Geller (1992)
Leading player before the World Chess Championships (1862 – 1866).
Considered by many to be the most extraordinary phenomenon in the history of chess and perhaps
Paul Morphy: #9 on the list of Top 10 Greatest Chess Players in History
Samuel "Sammy" Herman Reshevsky, Chess Grandmaster Samuel Reshevsky, History Of Chess,
Why yes, I *did* wipe the floor with Naka. Let's all read his sore loser tweets. (Tal Memorial 2011) | 'chuk | Pinterest
Paul Keres - my father played against him once in 1939 when my father was 17
Magnus Carlsen - Norwegian chess Grandmaster and chess prodigy who is currently the number-one ranked player in the world. Became a Grandmaster at the age ...
Paul Keres was not a weaker player than Misha Botvinnik (in my opinion) but he could never quite bring himself to defeat Botvinnik when it really counted.
Mikhail Tal - Soviet-Latvian Chess grandmaster and eighth World Chess Champion
Harold (left) and Paul, 1923
Zurich Chess Challenge 2013 : Draw Between Anand Vs GelfandAnand
Soviet Latvian chess Grandmaster Mikhail Tal ponders a position [circa